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Liberty Outside the Round Pen with Multiple Horses

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Liberty Outside the Round Pen with Multiple Horses 

Streaming Video - 1 hour 53 minutes

Multiply Your Fun, With Multiple Horses!

Create synchronized maneuvers, much like you’d see in the circus, without the need for a round pen or circus ring-curb.

You are ready if:

Each of your horses, at liberty:

Comes when called

Performs a small circle around you in an open area

Or, have studied Boomerang™ and Game of Two Eyes™ in

Liberty Outside the Round Pen Mastery DVD set.

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You will learn:

How and Where to Begin

Communication Strategies

Positioning for Maneuvers

Creating Tandem Circles

Practicing While Riding One

Transitioning to Nose-to-Tail and Back

Spins, Inspiration & More…

Part One - Getting Started (33:45) Introduction & Concepts Meet Sarah, Skippee and Karena Prerequisites Tools Choosing Positions Default “Home” Position Calling Individuals by Name Part Two - Tandem Movement: Shoulder-to-Shoulder (36:15) Speeding Up the Outside Horse S-Pattern with Two Horses Calling the Outside Horse Creating Circles
Part Three - Line Up: Nose-to-Tail (5:00) From Tandem to Line Up and Back Graduating to Liberty, One at a Time Example: S-Pattern to Tandem; Tandem to Line-Up; Line-Up to Tandem and “Here” Part Four - Spins (14:00) Cues and Positioning On-Line Rope Preparation Using the Rope Finishing the Spin
Part Five - Imagination & Summary (7:00) Tandem: One Back and One Forward Waltzer Sarah’s Discoveries Part Six - Practicing Riding One (11:30) With one On-Line With two On Line With two at Liberty
Bonus - Inspiration (1:30) Little & Large Credits (3:15) - Featuring “Liberty” (Official Music Video) by Mary Ann Kennedy


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