How to Teach the Spanish Walk
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How to Teach the Spanish Walk

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How to Teach the Spanish Walk - $20.00
In this 40-minute streaming video, you will learn:
• A safe and fun way to teach your horse the Spanish Walk
 - using Bridge and Target techniques.
• How to prevent your horse from continually offering behaviors she knows, that you didn’t ask for 
When you teach something new, does she start to offer it all the time, or run through ALL her trained behaviors hoping it’s what you are wanting?  This valuable concept will really help you eliminate this annoying behavior!
• The four main steps in the process:
The Targeting Concept
Targeting Each Foot
Jambette (Extensions)
Movement (Walking Forwards)
• How to shape out pawing, striking, and other undesirable behaviors.
• The very best way to proceed, including success tips and pitfalls
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