Gaited Horses, Naturally - Part 1
David Lichman

Gaited Horses, Naturally - Part 1

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How Parelli Natural HorseManShip applies to gaited horses.
When you ride a gaited horse, does it sometimes feel like he has an arsenal of different gaits he fires off in rapid succession—like a machine gun?
Are you put off by the harsh techniques touted as the industry standard for gaited horses?

Are you tired of pulling on the reins like a water skier in order to keep your horse in gait?

Then Gaited Horses, Naturally! is for you.

Gaited Horses, Naturally! is a handsome "equine edu-tainment" DVD and a 50 page book created by David Lichman, winner of a World Grand Championship and one of only two Five Star Premier instructors of Parelli Natural HorseoManoShip in the United States.

David has been involved with gaited horses for nearly twenty years, and has traveled all over the world helping owners of Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Foxtrotters, Icelandic Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses, Peruvian Pasos and Paso Finos to gain not only a better gait, but a better relationship with their horse.
The first DVD (run time 1:40), Knowledge, puts the viewer in the audience of a gaited horse lecture by David. In his entertaining teaching style, David presents history, biomechanics, diagrams and clear definitions to help answer the confusing questions about gaited horses:

What makes them gait?
How do you recognize a gait?
How do you differentiate one gait from the other?
How do you influence gaits in a natural way, using psychology and understanding rather than force, fear and intimidation?

Also included are examples from David’s gaited horse clinics where students achieve immediate success using David’s techniques, and samples of the various gaits described in the lecture.

In the second DVD (run time 1:05), Techniques, David demonstrates methods to help both trotty and pacey horses find a smooth gait to ride on a loose rein. There is also a section on true collection and how to be in harmony with the horse when using it to influence gait.

The 50-page illustrated bookcontains Questions and Answers, Tips on Gaiting and Cantering, Charts, Diagrams, Lists, Resources and more… The training is all done without the use of any bits, special shoes, chains, action devices, draw reins or tie-downs. Emphasis is on developing the emotional and mental strength of the horse and rider as a team. The foundation for these techniques is the Parelli Savvy System – with David’s special expertise helping to explain how this system applies to the special needs of gaited horse owners: horses that trot or pace, horses that won’t canter, and horses that change gait every few strides.

The beauty of this system is that both the novice and the pro can use it to teach gaited horses to respond to a soft rein, and maintain a consistent gait that is smooth to ride.

"When I bought my first gaited horse nearly twenty years ago, I was given a set of four-pound shoes and some logging chains – which the professional trainer told me was the only way to teach her to gait. After meeting Pat Parelli, and learning how to interact with horses in a more natural way – I developed these techniques in order to give the gaited horse a better deal, and to give the gaited horse owner a better relationship and far better results." – D.L.

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