Begin Your Liberty: 5-Part Challenge - FREE
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Begin Your Liberty: 5-Part Challenge - FREE

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Five FREE videos to get you started with Liberty.  No credit card required on checkout.

Why you definitely want to learn this:

  • Have FUN! Feel the joy of playing with your horse At Liberty
  • Catch your horse easily – have a horse that comes when called
  • Get your horse’s attention when he is distracted

What you get (Five Videos):

  • Part 1 Safety and Hindquarter Yields
  • Part 2 “The Bridge” and Cue to Come When Called
  • Part 3 Testing the Connection
  • Part 4 The “Acid Test” - No Rope!
  • Part 5 Finale - Following at Liberty!

Free Support:
Click on the link to join the Closed Facebook Group:

 Liberty Training - Challenges & Support with David Lichman

  • Post videos of your progress and ask questions
  • David will be posting tips and answers to questions

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