About David Lichman

As one of Pat Parelli's top rated instructors - I travel all over the world helping people to get extraordinary results with horses. Teaching Pat's system has taken me from Vancouver to Virginia and from Hawaii to Heidelberg. I have handled thousands of horses at hundreds of clinics, from every breed and discipline.

I have a special personal interest in the Gaited and Iberian breeds, in particular Tennessee Walkers and Lipizzans. See my links page for more information on these unique breeds. In 1991 I won a World Grand Championship on a Lite-Shod Tennessee Walker Pleasure Horse, The Artful Dodger.

In order to earn Premier Rated Instructor status, I studied for months at a time directly with Pat. Prior to the establishment of the International Study Center in Colorado, this meant traveling thousands of miles on the road. Since 1996 I have spent from one to four months each Summer at his ranch.